Aava Luotsi – a flexible model for remote care

Aava Luotsi is a remote care service offered by Aava Medical Centre to provide its customers with fast, flexible, high-quality care that saves both time and effort. The Luotsi service is available for occupational health care customers as well as participants in the social welfare and health care pilot.

In Luotsi, the customer contacts are answered by an occupational health care professional, and the care can be started immediately. The nurse answering the call or message will chart the patient’s situation and prepare an customised care plan for them. Help is often immediately available for more common ailments and questions.

If necessary, the patient is referred to a remote consultation or physical appointment with an appropriate expert.

Aava Luotsi – All occupational health care services available quickly and easily

Aava Luotsi is already available to around 10,000 individual occupational health care customers. Due to high demand, customer volumes are expected to grow threefold in 2018.

As many as 50% of all contacts made to occupational health care services can be handled at Luotsi without an actual visit from the customer. Remote care offers benefits that the traditional care models do not have. 

The best Luotsi benefits for customers:

  • Flexible and accessible care regardless of where you live or work.
  • As the most familiar and common ailments are treated remotely (such as colds and urinary tract infections), the employee’s time and the employer’s money are saved.
  • The digital service channel allows surveys to be carried out in advance, so that the occupational health nurse or physician at the practice will already have all the necessary information at hand.
  • Processing prescription renewals and laboratory referrals remotely save the patient’s time and effort. 

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