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The costs of work not performed are huge. What will a supervisor do if an employee burns out or even gets depressed? Does the work community include challenging individuals who are dragging the motivation of others down with them? Is the company facing a difficult time that has a discouraging impact on the atmosphere?

Or is there a positive drive in the workplace that feeds itself and motivates everyone to do their best?

The costs of work not performed are huge

Occupational health care closely monitors absences due to sickness. The reason is clear: When employees are sick, work surely does not get done. However, the enthusiasm people feel when working is at least equally important for performance.

We claim that employees idling at work accounts for a greater share of costs of work not performed than many dare to think. According to calculations, up to 30% of personnel face challenges with work ability. Challenges in work ability reflect directly on the functioning of the work community, customer interaction, and the quality and quantity of work.

A good leader knows what promotes good work ability

Work ability means a person's ability to perform the tasks assigned to them. Supporting it together with companies is the most important duty of occupational health care.

There are seven factors that impact work ability:

  1. Personal life: Does my life situation support working?

  2. Competence: Do I have sufficient knowledge and skills to perform my duties? Do I maintain my competence?

  3. Supervisory work: Does my manager organise work in a manner that motivates me and helps me perform better?

  4. Work motivation: Am I passionate about my job or do I just work for the money?

  5. Work community: Are my coworkers people I like working with? How do I myself behave in the workplace?

  6. Work environment: Does the workplace have proper ergonomics, tools and indoor air quality?

  7. Occupational safety: Can I trust that I am not subjected to mental, emotional or physical harm in the workplace?

Supervisor, you are not alone

Good work ability management is the best way to influence the way work is performed in your company. At its best, work empowers people, and then it is a resource that gives energy instead of draining it.

The work ability management services provided by Aava Luotsi ensure that supervisors receive support in addressing issues in work ability. Our experienced work ability coaches provide your company with the knowledge and support it needs to make the work community more productive.

We organise supervisor coaching, help supervisors identify and tackle challenges in work ability, and provide support in creating processes for work ability management.

Cooperation boosts work ability

Supervisors and employees always know best what the work atmosphere is like. That is why the best way to support work ability is to do it together. Ideally, supporting work ability is a joint project between the client company and occupational health care.

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