Energy for your brain! Functional knowledge work operational model

Published on 23.2.2018

This operational model reduces the cognitive load of the workplace and keeps our employees healthy in their work. We find our employees’ strengths and their greatest cognitive load factors.

Do you want to lead employees who feel healthy in their work and who are motivated and productive? Using Aava’s Functional knowledge work operational model, we will chart what contributes to the cognitive load at the workplace and how much of it occurs. Are there differences between units and are the cognitive requirements of work seen more as a resource than a stress factor depending on the people?

Sections of the Functional knowledge work operational model

1. Questionnaire

We will use a questionnaire to determine the cognitive requirements of the work, for instance IT, noise, organising work, rush. We will find out the things that get the employees excited and stressed and how groups differ from one another.

2. Observation and interview

We observe an employee in their work. We focus especially on the employee’s reactions to different situations and find out the tasks and issues that create excitement and, on the other hand, those that bring on stress and cognitive load. After observing, we interview the employee. Which matters promote and which hinder the fluency of work?

3. Solutions and workshop

We provide the company with an outlook of the cognitive load posed by the work and the factors contributing to it. We organise a knowledge work workshop for the entire work community where the results of the questionnaire and observation are reviewed. Based on the results, we select the things we will start to develop.

4. Monitoring

We will carry out a new assessment after an agreed upon period of time. It is important that the planned actions are implemented and their effects are monitored.


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