Q&A: Frequently asked questions about coronavirus tests at Aava

Published on 31.8.2020

There are a lot of questions and thoughts related to coronavirus tests. Answers to questions asked most frequently by our customers can be found here.

How can I get a referral for a coronavirus test at Aava?

We recommend booking a remote appointment with an Aava physician (general practitioner or your personal occupational health physician). The physician will assess your symptoms and overall condition remotely and issue you a digital referral for a coronavirus test. The physician will then forward your information to Aava’s nurses who will contact you to inform you of the time of the test.

Occupational health care customers can also be issued referrals remotely by occupational health nurses and registered nurses. Contact your occupational health nurse or employer for more information.

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How much is the total price of the coronavirus test?

From 1 September 2020, the price of a coronavirus test at Aava is EUR 199. The Kela reimbursement covers EUR 56 of this price, which means that the sum to be paid by the customer is EUR 143. Please note that you are not entitled to the Kela reimbursement if you do not have any symptoms and you need a certificate or if the referral is issued by a health nurse/registered nurse.

The price of the remote appointment where the physician issues the referral is also added to the fee. For example, the minimum rate for remote appointments with general practitioners at Aava is EUR 54.95 (15–20 minute appointment). The price of an appointment depends on the speciality of the physician and duration of the appointment.

The test results and related instructions can be given in a phone call (prices from EUR 29.55) or at a remote appointment. How the results are given is agreed together with the physician when the referral is issued. In addition, the results will always be available in Aava’s Your Health Information service (link).

Can occupational health nurses issue referrals?

Occupational health care customers can also be issued referrals by registered nurses and occupational health nurses.

Coronavirus test referrals issued by occupational health nurses are eligible for the Kela reimbursement, whereas referrals issued by registered nurses are not.

Can I get a referral even if I do not have any symptoms but I need to be tested for a certificate?

Yes. These referrals are issued by physicians. If you are an occupational health care customer, you can get a referral for these purposes from a nurse. If the coronavirus test referral has been issued for a certificate, the Kela reimbursement cannot be applied.

Can I be tested at Aava if I have been issued a referral by a physician of another service provider?

Aava’s coronavirus tests are available for customers with referrals issued by other service providers. If you have been issued a referral by another service provider, please call our customer service in order to enter your referral in the test queue. Aava will then contact you to inform you of the time and date of your test (cf. next question).

What happens after I have been issued a referral?

Aava will contact you by phone to arrange the time, date and location of the test. You will be called by the end of the following day. A nurse will tell you how to get to the testing location.

If you have any symptoms (the sole purpose of the test is not to get a certificate), you should remain in quarantine-like conditions by avoiding contact with people, excluding your family members, while waiting for the test.

Can the time or location of the test be changed?

Once you have been informed of the time and location of the test, they can only be changed by putting you back in a queue. In such cases, call the Aava customer service to cancel your test appointment. You will be placed back in a queue and Aava will call you to inform you of the new time and location of the test.

Tests must be cancelled or changed at least 12 hours before the appointment.

What happens at the testing location? Does the testing cause pain?

You will be given more details on how to get to the testing location when you are informed of the time of the test. Please do not arrive too early or late in order to avoid overcrowding the testing location.

Samples are taken at a drive-through lane or in a sampling room in different Aava testing locations. Our nurses, dressed in protective clothing, will guide you through the process and instruct you on the correct position for you to take. The sample will be taken by inserting a cotton swab into your nasal cavity through your nostril. The sampling process might feel unpleasant, but it is over very quickly.

When and how will I learn of the results of the test?

Depending on the congestion of the central laboratory, the results of the test will be ready in 1–3 days and available in the Your Health Information service. The physician who issued the referral will contact you either by calling you or arranging a new remote appointment. The method of informing you of the results is agreed upon together with the physician or nurse in charge of your treatment.

What if the results are positive?

The Aava physician in charge of informing you of the test results will issue you instructions to stay at home in quarantine. You are also required to fill in a contact tracing form if your results are positive (link).

An epidemiology nurse from Aava will then contact you for more details. They will also submit your test results and contact information to the physician in charge of communicable diseases in your place of residence.

According to the information provided, the physician/nurse in chargeof communicable diseases in your place of residence will make the required administrative decisions and contact you in 1–2 days. The physician in charge of communicable disease in your place of residence will make a decision as to whether to continue your quarantine or not. Those with positive corona test results will be placed in isolation and any people in the same household will be placed in quarantine. Related instructions will be provided by the physician/nurse in charge of communicable diseases in your place of residence.

What are the safety measures taken at Aava and the testing site?

We take the safety precautions recommended by authorities in all care settings and maintain a particularly high level of hygiene. All patients with symptoms of an infection are directed to a designated area in our clinics. It is safe to visit us.

The nurses responsible for taking coronavirus test samples are dressed in protective clothing from head to toe, wearing bonnets, visors, masks, protective coats and protective gloves. You will be greeted by gentle Aava employees dressed in “space suits”.


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