The new and easy-to-use digital service channel stores all your health information in one place

Published on 26.3.2018

Do you want to view your previous appointments or check your future appointments? Are you waiting for your laboratory test results or do you want to update your contact details? All of this can be done conveniently online at

We combined eAava and Your Health service into one service. You can now access all your health information at the same location. You can access the log in interface at the upper right-hand corner of the Aava website.

The new service can be accessed with a mobile phone, tablet or computer, and it is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Our digital service channel includes:

  • Your health information
  • Your previous appointments and contacts and future appointments
  • Your laboratory test and imaging results and referrals

In addition, Aava’s occupational health care customers and parties in the social welfare and health care (SOTE) pilot also have access to:

  • The Messages function, which can be used to contact your own occupational health team and SOTE nurse
  • Surveys and forms you may need to fill in

Secure and easy-to-use service

The first time you log in to Aava’s new service, you must use your online banking credentials (Tupas). After this, you can also log in with a text message. Logging in with a text message is a secure and easy way of complementing logging in with Tupas.

Once you’ve logged in with your online banking credentials, the service will automatically suggest enabling authentication with a text message. If you accept this suggestion, you will receive a text message that includes the code you need to enter to log in. Henceforth, you will receive a new code in your phone every time you want to log in.

Aava’s digital service channel is under constant development. We are introducing new features that will make the service even more versatile. We are glad to hear your feedback and suggestions related to the digital service channel. You can share your thoughts by filling in a form in the service.


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