Valuable feedback from the customer satisfaction survey

Published on 30.1.2018

Our company customers are satisfied with our occupational health care services and the experience of occupational health care is that it corresponds well with the company’s/organisation’s health needs.

We realised the YRITYSAVAIN decision-maker-level customer satisfaction survey of the Finnish Institute of Occupational health in November 2017 for the fourth time. The survey was sent to 300 decision-makers in companies and organisations and the answers were compared with the comparison materials from the 2016 decision-maker-level respondents of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The target group of the survey consisted of organisations of 1–9, 10–49, and 250+ employees. The following presents some key findings in the results. More extensive survey results can be read from the appendix.

From words to action

The survey showed that Aava’s strengths were perceived expertise, service-minded personnel, impartial activities and occupational health cooperation in planning operations and assessing the effectiveness (see picture below). Our customers appreciated Aava's nursing, which promotes capacity for work and its influence in the management of incapacity risks.

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We also surveyed our customers’ satisfaction concerning caring for the customership. We are pleased to notice that this satisfaction increased from the previous year (see below). We participate in a dialogue with our customers and listen to their wishes.

kuva2 asty eng

We will take lifelong care of you and your family, irrespective of time and place

Aava’s mission is care-based thinking. This affects all new projects and service development with consideration of the future data protection regulations. We received a great deal of useful information for our ongoing and future development projects from the survey. Here a couple of examples.

New occupational health care contracts:

We are renewing our occupational health contracts according to our customers’ wishes and our aim is to make the contracts clearer in terms of their structure and service content.

Aava reports:

We produce new reports during this year.

Electronic services:

We package our services into one entity so that the services are easily accessible and can be reached with one click.

We sincerely thank all those who responded to the survey!



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