Aava Pregnancy Clinic

Aava Pregnancy Clinic is located in Helsinki and Kerava. Our highly professional staff offers individually tailored private services for all pregnancy-related issues. We provide everything needed for the follow-up of your pregnancy - from planning until post-delivery.  We have expertise also in complicated pregnancies and mothers with chronic illnesses.

Our services for pregnant women

  • Maternity clinic and follow-up during pregnancy
  • Prenatal ultrasound examinations
  • Screening for foetal chromosomal abnormalities (Down`s syndrome)
  • Screening for foetal anomalies
  • Foetal chromosomal screening (amniotic fluid and CVS sample examinations)
  • Prenatal 3D/4D ultrasound examinations for foetal morfology
  • check-ups by obstetrician or midwife at any point of pregnancy
  • Midwife´s house calls
  • Individual prenatal training
  • Breastfeeding counselling

You can make an appointment https://palvelut.aava.fi/iav/ or by phone 010 380 3838. For further information or reservations for screening or special examinations please contact our nurse 050 414 6704.

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