Aava Virta is an effective well-being and coaching unit 

Aava Virta offers a wide range of coaching services for organisations and individuals. Our goal is to take our customers’ well-being to the next level. We plan and carry out coaching programmes together with Aava’s experts, including occupational health care professionals, psychologists and medical specialists.  

We use modern tools to survey your personnel’s well-being. Our operations are based on medical science and research evidence.  

Why is it worth investing in employees’ well-being?  

An organisation with a high level of well-being is an attractive workplace. When an organisation’s senior management commits to building a culture that supports employees’ coping and growth, the entire organisation will benefit. The well-being of the work community has a direct effect on productivity, motivation and absences due to sickness.    

Do you know how your organisation is doing?   

Aava Virta will survey the state of your organisation’s well-being, find areas that require action and help you define new goals for boosting motivation and performance.   

Learn more about our services and take the Virta well-being test at www.virtavalmennus.fi.    

Aava Virta partners with the Finnish Olympic Committee. A key goal of the cooperation is to promote well-being in our society. New ways of thinking and doing are needed in the constantly changing world of work in order to make sure that employees can cope and organisations can succeed.  

Watch the video: Expert coach Jussi Sievälä at the Aava Virta testing station together with Olympic bronze medallists Minttu Tuominen and Anniina Rajahuhta.  


Virta Studio opened in November 2018
Annankatu 34–36 B
00100 Helsinki 

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