Imaging and X-ray

Aava Medical Centre offers diverse high-quality imaging services at its clinics.

X-ray imaging

Traditional or native X-ray examination refers to an examination of the lungs, bones and soft tissue without a radiocontrast agent. Such an examination is carried out using equipment that emits X-rays. Depending on the case, the examination takes from five minutes to half an hour. No preliminary preparations are required.

Almost all Aava Medical Centre’s clinics have an X-ray imaging unit of their own. A doctor’s referral is required for an X-ray examination.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Planmed Verity at Aava Medical Centre Kamppi is cone beam computed tomography equipment which produces highly detailed images of the bones and joints in the extremities. The spatial resolution of the method is 0.2 mm, which is better than in traditional computed tomography, enabling more accurate estimation of loose bodies and the fine structure of bones. Detection of fractures and assessment of ossification can be done more reliably than in X-ray imaging. In particular, diagnostics of complicated fractures or fractures not easily discernible in ordinary X-ray images benefits from computed tomography. In CBCT, the radiation load is clearly smaller than in earlier methods: it is a tenth of the radiation load of traditional joint CT, corresponding to a five days natural background radiation dose.

Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging is a painless imaging method which produces accurate sectional images of the human body. The method is based on tissues’ magnetic properties and on the fact that the tissues contain water. Magnetic resonance imaging is well suited for examinations of the musculoskeletal system (joints, tendons, muscles, bone structures including bone marrow), central nervous system (head and the central canal of the spinal cord), the abdomen and blood vessels.

Aava offers magnetic resonance imaging at two clinics in Helsinki: Teslamed and Medimagneetti. The patient is always accompanied by an X-ray nurse and a physician specialised in the patient’s ailment.

Aava Teslamed is the market’s most versatile magnetic resonance imaging device (3.0 T) with extremely high resolution. It is particularly useful for the imaging of small areas or areas that require special precision, such as the brain. Our service offering also includes imaging of the musculoskeletal system, abdomen and breasts as well as diagnostics of gynaecological diseases.

Aava Medimagneetti offers you affordable (from EUR 148) high-quality imaging primarily on the musculoskeletal system (joints, tendons, muscles and bone structures). We use a 1.5-T magnetic resonance imaging device.

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