Naisten Aava Gynaecology Clinic

Price List

  • Please note that only some of Aava's service prices are shown in the price list.
  • The appointment price consists of the doctor’s fees that our doctors define themselves.
  • Aava charges an administrative fee.
  • A KanTA fee is charged for consultations and procedures with physicians.
  • Kela, The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, provides partial reimbursement for appointment fees and the cost of examinations and care. Our clinics are included in Kela’s direct reimbursement scheme.
  • At Aava Medical Centre we accept cash and debit or credit cards. You may also use the Aava account and an Aava gift voucher.
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This price list contains indicative prices of common gynaecological services offered at Aava Medical Centre. The list price for a gynaecological appointment consists of a time-based appointment fee. The gynaecologists at Aava are independent professionals who set their own prices: each gynaecologist’s prices are available at the clinics. Ultrasound examinations and other procedures are charged separately. Prescriptions are renewed primarily during appointments.

Aava Medical Centre has adopted the Kela direct reimbursement scheme. Regarding prenatal ultrasound examinations, direct reimbursement is only available for screening tests.

Aava Pregnancy Clinic and Nuorten Naisten Aava have price lists of their own.

Gynekologia erikoishinnastot

Katso täältä eri toimintojen omat erikoishinnastot:  

Aava Raskausklinikka

Nuorten Naisten Aava Nuorten Naisten Aavan hinnat koskevat 15-25 vuotiaita yksityispotilaita.

Gynekologiset leikkaukset Aava sairaalassa

Gynaecologists’ appointment prices

Sunday price in parenthesis

Prenatal ultrasound examinations during appointments

Example prices of intrauterine devices and pessaries

Examples of prices of examinations carried out/prescribed during appointments

71.00 €

Ehdollisuus= PAPA-lasi luetaan vain jos korkean riskin HPV-testi positiivinen

135.00 €
30.00 €
49.25 €

Lantionpohjan fysioterapia

Hinta ei sisällä ultraäänilaitteen käyttöä eikä henkilökohtaisia harjoittelun apuvälineitä.

97.00 €