Naisten Aava Gynaecology Clinic

Do you have questions about your health, pregnancy, hormones or sexuality? Naisten Aava can provide expert advice for each stage of your life.

Located in separate, comfortable facilities at Aava Kamppi, Naisten Aava continues the long Aava Bulevardi tradition of friendly, specialised women’s medical centres that are easy to access and where help is always available. We offer reliable and individually tailored gynaecology services, illness prevention, early diagnosis and good comprehensive care.

At Naisten Aava you can find Nuorten Naisten Aava, which is especially aimed at young women with its contraceptive and sexual health services, as well as the Aava Pregnancy Clinic and a private maternity clinic to help with your pregnancy. We will help you to take care of your overall health during each stage of your life, from your first visit with the gynaecologist all the way to your old age.

Naisten Aava’s own booking system will help you find the right professional for you from among over 50 professionals who work for us. Our diverse range of therapy services complements our gynaecology services. We also cooperate closely with the other professionals at Aava. We use an invitation system that enables us to send our patients reminders about follow-up appointments or an invitation to a pap control after an agreed time period, if desired.

Specialties and services at Naisten Aava

  • over 50 gynaecologists (specialities include pregnancy monitoring, gynaecological cancers, hormone imbalances and menopause care, fertility and infertility, gynaecology services for young women, sexology, urination problems and gynaecological surgery)
  • Aava Pregnancy Clinic: pregnancy monitoring, maternity clinic, prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis
  • Nuorten Naisten Aava: contraceptive and sexual health services for young women
  • colposcopy, loop conization, minor gynaecological procedures and laser treatments
  • gynaecological surgery (including urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse surgeries)
  • physiotherapists (pelvic floor problems)
  • sexology, sexual counselling, sexual therapy
  • psychotherapy
  • manual lymphatic drainage, acupuncture
  • laboratory
  • imaging (mammography, gynaecological and breast tissue MRI scans, bone density scans)
  • other specialists at Aava (including internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, neurology, dermatology, psychiatry, nutrition, orthopaedics, physiatry, sports medicine, vascular surgery, plastic surgery)
  • emergency appointments available every day of the week (for pains and discharge during early pregnancy and acute gynaecological problems, etc.)

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