Anna-Kaisa Pere urologian ja kirurgian erikoislääkäri

Anna-Kaisa Pere

Specialist in Urology and Surgery

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I am specialized in diagnosing and treating problems with urinating like stress incontinence, urge incontinence, overactive bladder, polyuria, nokturia, pain or discomfort related to urinating, difficulty to empty the bladder, urinary infections, uretritis, cystitis and Interstitial cystitis. I co-operate closely with other Aavas specialists when needed. Laboratory and radiologist consultations are available as well.

I perform diagnostic cystoscopies, uretral dilatations and bladder injections with botulinium when needed.

Any patient with chronic urinating problems is kindly asked to keep a drinking and urinating dairy (with times and amounts) for 1-2 days before coming to see me, this information will help us get faster to the rigth diagnoses and best treatment to your problem.

I also treat patients with erectile dysfunction, prostate related or other urological symptoms and diseases.