Saana Mäenpää

Licentiate of Medicine / Medical Doctor (MD) / General Practitioner (GP) / Généraliste / Médecin

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I am a solution-focused young doctor. I treat all kinds of health issues from acute to chronic and patients of all ages. You are warmly welcome to speak in English, Finnish, Swedish or French ( en français ) during your appointment.

My expertise as General Practitioner, for example: * holistic health planning and healthy lifestyles * skin problems and rashes (e.g., acne, atopic skin) * gastrointestinal symptoms * musculoskeletal pain and injuries (e.g., back pain, spine problems) * infections cardiovascular diseases (e.g., hypertension, arrhythmias) * diabetes * thyroid diseases * mental health disorders (eg depression, anxiety) * sexual and reproductive health * gynecological problems (eg urinary incontinence, menorrhagia and other bleeding disorders, IUD) * minor procedures (eg sutures, nevi (mole) removal) * health counseling

I work mainly on the public healthcare sector, but also as a General Practitioner (GP) at Aava Kamppi. I also wor/have worked at the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (HUH / in Finnish HUS) and as a clinical teacher in the Medical Faculty of the University of Helsinki. I am a PhD student / researcher at the Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH) and University of Oxford.

I have no conflicts of interests to be declared.

Appointment reservation instructions

Dear customer, be mindful that:

1) Phone appointments are available.

2) Regrettably, I do not provide medical certificates for renewing driving licence, and I do not renew prescriptions for CNS (Central Nervous System) medication, e.g. sedatives, tranquilizers, and hypnotics, on private practice appointments.

3) If you are booking an appointment for a procedure, make sure to book a preparatory appointment with me for its planning beforehand. The booking for procedures must be done via Aava phone service (not online).