Guo Johannes

Guo Johannes

Specialist in occupational health care

Welcome to Aava

My specialization is occupational medicine and insurance medicine. I am a medical doctor and specialist in occupational health.

I graduated as a doctor in Finland in 1998, specialists in occupational health doctor in 2004. My Ph.D. dissertation related to occupational cancers was completed in 2005.  I have been medical expert for KELA since 2009, I have special qualification in insurance medicine. I am a Finnish citizen.

In the Medical Centre of Aava I work as an occupational health specialist and as an expert in insurance medicine. Working well-being, rehabilitation and retirement solutions are my strengths. I am a member of the Finnish Medical Association.

Occupational health client (my time cannot be booked directly online):

  • Book my call time first (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday), do so also for Health Check
  • I'll call you during the day, most likely between 4pm and 7pm
  • If your matter cannot be fully solved by phone, you will be given a time for appointment in my office+
  • I can't take flu patients to my appointment. Cancel my appointment and seek emergency care if needed if you have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, myalgia, shortness of breath, headache, toothache, sore throat or rhinitis; if you do not have time to cancel, you should stay at home so I will call you at the appointment and I will try to help you over the phone. Canceling my reception for the above reason will not result in a cancellation bill.

Private Client:

  • Book primarily with me a remote, over-the-phone appointment/ occupational medicine and insurance medicine

I mainly offer help from the point of view of occupational health doctor and insurance expert:

  • Coping at work and in life
  • Medical examinations and chronic diseases (eg hypertension and high cholesterol)
  • Medical rehabilitation (eg rehabilitation provided by KELA)
  • KELA benefits (eg sickness allowance, disability allowances, pensioner care allowances)
  • Vocational rehabilitation (eg re-employment or reintegration measures such as work placements or retraining)
  • Retirement Solutions

In particular, I hope that my remote appointment will improve your understanding of the principle of insurance medicine and thus improve the outcome of your cooperation with insurance companies.

Occupational Health Care/Physician
Special Competence in Insurance Medicine
Native language


Dissertations and publications

I. Suhonen J, Ahola T, Guo H, Haapalinna A, Heinonen E, Hervonen A (1993): L-deprenyl (Eldepryl) treatment may improve the viability of grafted young and aged sympathetic ganglion cells. Lääketiede 94 Medicin, Helsinki, Finland

II. Guo Hang (1997): Total Antioxidant Capacities of Different Tea Leaves and their Effects on TRAP Values in Human Plasma – An in vitro and in vivo Study. Research Work for the Degree of Licentiate of Medical Science, University of Tampere, Finland

III. Guo J, Kauppinen T, Kyyrönen P, Lindbohm M-L, Heikkilä P and Pukkala E (2004): Occupational Exposure to Diesel and Gasoline Engine Exhausts and Risk of Lung Cancer among Finnish Workers. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 45(6):483-490.

IV. Guo J, Kauppinen T, Kyyrönen P, Heikkilä P, Lindbohm M-L and Pukkala E (2004): Risk of Esophageal, Ovarian, Testicular, Kidney and Bladder Cancers and Leukemia among Finnish Workers Exposed to Diesel or Gasoline Engine Exhaust.
International Journal of Cancer 111(2):286-292.

V. Pukkala E, Guo J, Kauppinen T, Kyyrönen P, Lindbohm M-L, Sallmén M (2005): National Job-Exposure Matrix in Analyses of Census-Based Estimates of Occupational Cancer Risk. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health 31(2):97-107.

VI. Guo J, Pukkala E, Kyyrönen P, Lindbohm M-L, Heikkilä P and Kauppinen T (2005): Testicular Cancer, Occupation and Exposure to Chemical Agents among Finnish Men in 1971-95. Cancer Causes and Control 16(2):97-103.

VII. Guo Johannes (2005): Finnish National Job-Exposure Matrix (FINJEM) in Register-Based Cancer Research. University of Tampere, doctoral dissertation. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, People and Work, research reports 69.

Oral presentation in international scientific conferences:
- Nordiska arbesmiljömötet, 25-27.8.2003, Savonlinna, Finland
- Nordic Cancer Association 2003 Symposium, Iceland

Science scholarships:
- The Finnish Work Environment Fund 5000€, year 2002
- The Finnish Medical Foundation 4000€, year 2004


M.D. (1998), Ph.D. in Medicine (2005)
General Practitioner (2000), Specialist in occupational health (2004)
Specialist Qualification in Management (JET) (2008)
Special Competence in Insurance Medicine (2013)

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