Information about prices

What does the appointment price consist of?

The appointment price consists of the doctor’s fees that our doctors define themselves. The fees are based on the average time that a doctor spends treating the customer during the appointment as well as carrying out related tasks after the appointment, such as writing medical records and analysing examination results. Statements provided during the appointment, laboratory tests, X-ray examinations, procedures, vaccines, medications and supplies are charged separately.

Administrative fee

Aava charges an administrative fee. The administrative fee covers costs related to customers’ appointment bookings, reception and cash transactions (such as personnel, premises, telecommunications, telephone costs and system development and maintenance costs). The administrative fee is not charged for appointments consisting solely of laboratory tests and imaging.

Reimbursement by Kela

Kela, The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, provides partial reimbursement for appointment fees and the cost of examinations and care. Our clinics are included in Kela’s direct reimbursement scheme. When you present a valid Kela card, the reimbursement for the doctor’s fee and the charges for examinations and treatment prescribed by the doctor can be credited to you at the cash desk as instructed by Kela.

Appointment cancellations and rescheduling

All booking cancellations must be made at least 12 hours before the appointment. We reserve the right to charge an appointment fee for bookings that are not cancelled or are cancelled too late.

Payment methods

At Aava Medical Centre we accept debit or credit cards. You may also use the Aava account and an Aava gift voucher.

Appointment fees

Appointment fees and the prices for the most common examinations can be found in the general price list.