Aava occupational health care – Vitality for companies

  • Does your occupational health care provider share the same goals as your company? 
  • Does your occupational physician have the courage to refuse an employee’s request for sick leave? 
  • Is your occupational health care provider capable of identifying and resolving your personnel’s work ability problems? 

If you hesitate to answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions or if your company does not yet have an occupational health care partner, Aava has news for you. 

Occupational health care must be transformed

In the traditional system, which should be history now, occupational health care staff waits passively for employees to contact them. When an employee calls, the first possible appointment with an occupational physician or nurse is booked for them. The employee is usually not interviewed on the phone to find out what services they really need. 

In this system, the same solution is offered to everyone, which is why it has no future. As long as occupational health care only focuses on treating symptoms, we will not get anywhere. 

How about taking a new view on occupational health care? 

At Aava, we focus on fostering health. We have the courage to consider that there may be something more behind an employee’s sick leave request than just lowered resistance. Our occupational health care teams provide you with the necessary tools and support to help your employees to permanently change their health behaviour. 

Employees who take better care of themselves spend less time on sick leave, which improves the company’s vitality as a whole. We believe that the next big step forward in terms of occupational health care effectiveness will be taken through targeted treatment. This is achieved by doing the right things at the right time.

This is how we do it at Aava 

Stop playing health care pinball. We put a stop to aimless service and the feeling of not being cared for. At Aava, there is one occupational health care team in charge of your services. They know your staff and your circumstances. 

We are a proactive service provider. We catch and address work ability risks early and keep attendance rates high. We refer your employees to the right service.

We are not afraid of disclosing painful points. Instead of only treating symptoms, we also treat the person behind them. We provide individual care that hits the core of the problem. 

We bring vitality to your company. We enable your employees to make changes that improve wellbeing and productivity at work and in life in general. 


At Aava occupational health care, we know our customers and treat them individually. Would you also like to know us? Contact us by email, myynti@aava.fi, or fill in our contact request form.