Aava occupational health care

Because success is born of employees’ well-being ​​​​​


  • All our occupational health care operations aim at our customer organisations having motivated employees who form a healthy and productive work community.  

  • Aava is an agile occupational health partner. We understand that organisations’ needs change, and we flexibly update our services to keep meeting those needs.   

  • We constantly work to develop new services. Learn more about Luotsi, our remote care service, and Aava Virta, our well-being unit.  

  • Prediction has always been an important part of what we do. We care for your employees’ well-being and monitor the situation to make sure that treatment is effective.  

  • At Aava, you can access treatment quickly. 

  • We keep a very close eye on the effectiveness of our occupational health care and can react quickly if needed.   

  • We will make sure that starting to use our occupational health care services will be a smooth process for you. Welcome to Aava!  

Aava provides occupational health services throughout Finland. We operate 14 clinics in 10 towns or cities, and we also make use of our comprehensive partner network.   

Aava is a fully Finnish family-owned company. We are a reliable partner that keeps its promises and knows how to prepare for the future.  

Luotsi, the flexible remote care service 

As an Aava customer, you will have access to our Aava Luotsi service, which offers quick, high-quality care. In Luotsi, customers’ contact requests are responded to by an occupational health care professional, and the care can be started immediately. The Luotsi team also monitors the situation to make sure that the treatment is effective.  

Healthier employees – At Aava Virta, we focus on predicting well-being  

An organisation with a high level of well-being is a productive and attractive workplace. Our experts at the Aava Virta well-being unit offer coaching to help improve your organisation’s well-being.  

We look forward to having you as our customer! 


At Aava occupational health care, we know our customers and treat them individually. Would you also like to know us? Contact us by email, myynti@aava.fi, or fill in our contact request form.