Our digital services

With Aava’s digital services, you can use services smoothly online. We offer a wide range of services for HR management as well as employees to make dealing with occupational health matters quick and easy.    

Our services for HR management and your organisation’s representatives  

Aava’s digital services allow you to manage your organisation’s occupational health matters.  [Rivityskohta]  

  • You can have discussions with the occupational health care team.   

  • You can enter your employees’ self-reported absences due to sickness in the service.  

  • You can share files with your Aava contact person. Shared documents, such as agreements, action plans and workplace surveys, are stored in the cloud.  

  • You can view reports about your organisation. The reports allow you to monitor the use, effectiveness and costs of the services.  

  • Your invoices and their attachments are stored in the cloud.  

By dealing with occupational health matters online, you can cut the number of emails that need to be sent and save time. Our services can also be used on a mobile device.  

Log in to eAava.

The service allows you to share files and have discussions with HR management as well as Aava’s occupational health care team. The attachments to your invoices are also available through the service.  

Log in to Aava Hallinta.

You can use the service to enter your employees’ self-reported absences due to sickness. Your organisation’s occupational health reports are also available through the service. 

Our services for employees 

Aava Asiointi offers a quick, easy and flexible way to manage your personal health-related matters. You can use the service on your mobile phone, computer or tablet. The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

  • You can view your future and past Aava appointments. You can reschedule or cancel an appointment up to 12 hours before the start of the appointment. 

  • You can view the prescriptions given to you at Aava. 

  • You can view the vaccinations given to you at Aava. If you want, you can ask a nurse or an occupational health nurse at Aava to save the information on your vaccination card to the Aava patient information system, which allows you to view your entire vaccination history through the digital service. 

  • You can view your laboratory test results and referrals. 

  • You can view your imaging results and referrals. 

In addition, Aava’s occupational health care customers also have access to:  

  • the Messages function, which can be used to contact your own occupational health team  

  • the prescription renewal function, which can be used to request a renewal of certain prescriptions written at Aava  

  • surveys and forms that you have been asked to complete, such as an asthma survey or a form for monitoring your blood pressure at home.  

Log in to Aava Asiointi