Occupational health care for employees

All employees are entitled to occupational health care, regardless of the type and duration of employment. Each year, Aava takes care of the health and work ability of approximately 80,000 employees. If your company’s occupational health care services are arranged through Aava, on this page you will find useful information and the most frequently used occupational health care forms.

Do you know your occupational health care services? Find answers to the following questions

Using occupational health care services is easy if you find the answers to a few questions in advance. Do you know the names of your company’s occupational health nurse and occupational physician? If not, ask your employer. In addition, each company has a designated occupational physiotherapist and occupational psychologist. Together, these four professionals constitute the occupational health care team responsible for occupational health care in your company.

You should also know the extent of your occupational health care services. Does your employer provide statutory occupational health care, or does the agreement cover medical care as well? This determines whether your occupational health care services cover any other appointments than scheduled health check-ups. In addition, find out which Aava clinic you should primarily contact and whether you can use occupational health care services outside working hours.

Health check-ups provide the foundation for occupational health care

Occupational health check-ups are included in statutory occupational health care. Therefore, every working Finn will participate in them during their career. New employees have an initial health check-up. After that, check-ups are performed at specified intervals. The frequency and content of health check-ups depend on the employee’s health and working conditions and the requirements of the work. Ask your employer or occupational health care team for details of the scheduling of your health check-ups.

What should I do when I become ill?

Most employers provide their staff with medical care in addition to statutory occupational health care. This means that you can make an appointment with your occupational health nurse or occupational physician for consultation, when necessary. You can book appointments online or by calling Aava's customer service, tel. +358 (0)10 380 3838. Remember to first check with your employer to ensure that medical care is included in your occupational health care services.

Medical care usually covers treatment by an occupational physician and an occupational health nurse and the necessary laboratory tests and imaging examinations. In addition, the employer may pay for consultations by occupational health care specialists and other specialists to determine an employee’s work ability or treatment opportunities, while the responsibility for care remains with the occupational physician.

What other services are available?

High-quality occupational health care is a competitive advantage for companies. Therefore, many employers want to arrange comprehensive health care services for their staff. For example, in addition to medical care, a company may provide its employees with the opportunity for one appointment per year with a specialist of their field of choice. In addition, some employers have taken out a medical expenses insurance policy that covers employees’ visits to the doctor. Ask your employer for details about these.

Will I have to pay for something myself?

Certain procedures performed at the clinic are not covered by the occupational health care agreement. In that case, you will pay for the additional service yourself. Such procedures may include ultrasound checks during pregnancy, removal of moles and endoscopy. On these occasions, the doctor will always inform you about the amount of extra cost and you can decide whether you want the service or not.

Access your occupational health care team through Aava´s digital service channel

Aava´s digital service is Aava’s online service. You can discuss your health confidentially with the occupational health care team. If your employer is using the Aava´s digital service, it is always the easiest way to contact your occupational health care services. The occupational health nurse evaluates your situation on the basis of the online chat and, when necessary, invites you to the nurse’s office or advises you to book an appointment with the occupational physician. If preliminary information is needed before an appointment, you will receive the forms to be filled in through Aava´s digital service in advance. Read more about Aava´s digital service or log into the service.

Log into My Kanta, it is worth it!

Have you visited the My Kanta service yet? Kanta, or the national archive of health information, stores citizens’ health data and reduces delays in treatment by facilitating access to patient documents. We warmly recommend logging into the service and giving your consent to the disclosure of your data. This will help your occupational health care team to care for your health even better. In My Kanta you can also view your electronic prescriptions and information of your visits to Aava.

Is there anything else we can do for you?

It is always great to see that our occupational health care customers turn to us for help in other than work-related health matters. If you or your family members need other health care services, Aava is a wise choice. We already know you and all your information is found in our data base. Our general practitioners and specialists receive both private and occupational health care patients, so you can book an appointment with a doctor already familiar to you from the occupational health care services. A long-term patient-doctor relationship is very practical, as your treatment continues seamlessly each time.