Aava Luotsi – All the occupational health care services available quickly and easily

Aava Luotsi is an occupational health service that knows its customer companies and their employees. The customer’s contacts are answered by an occupational health care professional, enabling the care to start immediately. This eliminates unnecessary physician’s appointments, saving time, effort and money.

Multidisciplinary team

The multidisciplinary team of Aava Luotsi manages 50% of the cases remotely, saving the client company up to 20% in occupational health care expenses. The care always starts from the moment of first contact, and the employee is referred to a remote consultation or physical appointment with an appropriate expert, if necessary.

Smart Luotsi

The employee’s service path starts with intelligent service control. Luotsi uses data to monitor the health of the customers and analyse the risk factors related to health, providing preventive care for the employee’s well-being. Luotsi monitors the effectiveness of the care provided and, if necessary, invites the customer for follow-up appointments. Comprehensive data is collected on the customer and the employees and utilised at the individual and organisational level of occupational health care. 

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