Occupational health care price list

Aava Medical Centre reserves the right to change the prices and services in case regulations, administrative decisions or examination practices are changed. 

The prices are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated in writing. Sales of occupational health care services that are considered medical care services are not subject to VAT under the Value Added Tax Act. However, in accordance with a statement issued in 2015 by the tax administration, the following services, among others, are liable to VAT: first aid training, lectures, group training, training courses, supervisor training, workplace atmosphere surveys and conflict resolution. If taxable services and products are sold along with health care services, the prices will be subject to VAT. Some of the taxable activities may still be eligible for a reimbursement by Kela as occupational health care services.

Preventive and promotive occupational healthcare services

Preventive and promotive OH services provided by the OH personnel are generally charged by the hour. For example the following services:


  • Work-place surveys, assessing healthrisks in the work and work environment and need of OH measures
  • Planning OH services, assessing and monitoring the quality and impact of OH activities
  • Health examinations
  • Providing information, advice and guidance
  • Investigating matters related to working ability and functional capacity
  • Providing advice on rehabilitation
  • Directing for treatment
  • Attending meetings
  • Drawing up documents and reports related to OHS
100.50 €
223.50 €
277.20 €

Muut ennaltaehkäisevät palvelut

Työterveyshuollon palveluita on mahdollista täydentää tarpeen mukaan erilaisilla palveluilla, joista oheisessa hinnastossa on esimerkkejä. Työterveyshuolto tarjoaa asiakkaille räätälöityä esimieskoulutusta sekä hyvinvointi- ja kehittämishankkeita tukemaan asiakasorganisaation työkykyä ja johtamista. Tällaisista palveluista löydät lisätietoa osoitteesta www.aava.fi tai voit kysyä niistä työterveyshuollostasi vastaavalta tiimiltä. Usein tällaiset palvelut ovat arvonlisäverollisia.

99.20 €
yksilömittaus, hinta sisältää alv 24%

pyydä tarjous

pyydä tarjous

First aid readiness

Max. 15 persons per course. Course takes place if ten people sign up for it. In addition to the course fees, the Finnish Red Cross charges a registration and certificate fee of EUR 8.80 per person. Premises, catering and written materials are agreed on and charged separately, if necessary. The course fee does not cover travel expenses.


Cancellation of an entire course shall be made no later than four weeks before the start of the course. Cancellation for an individual attendee shall be made no later than two weeks before the start of the course. If a cancellation is made later, we will charge half of the course fee. If no cancellation is made at all, we will charge the whole course fee.

If the trainer falls ill, we try to get a substitute or we postpone the course to a later date.

1492.00 €
1247.00 €
320.20 €
sisältää alv 24%
1994.30 €
sisältää alv 24%
1194.20 €
sisältää alv 24%
935.10 €
sisältää alv 24%

Occupational Health based medical care

Supplies and meds

Supplies, goods and meds related to the care are charged separately.

70.60 €
108.80 €
0.00 €
82.00 €
123.30 €
165.50 €
29.50 €
29.50 €
Toimenpiteissä käytetyistä välineistä, laitteista, tarvikkeista ja lääkkeistä veloitamme erikseen.

Phone or e-mail services

21.20 €
100.50 €
163.30 €

General charge

The general and service charges covers:

  • cooperation prior to drawing up the contract for organizing OHS
  • registering and maintaining company and personnel information
  • maintaining phone- and internet services
  • services provided by the receptionists
  • forms and documents necessary for consultations including health promotion material
  • keeping up the health and medical records database
  • invoicing services

VAT will be added to the service fee on the invoice.

30.00 €
71.00 €
45.00 €
18.00 €
14.00 €
30.00 €
65.00 €

The KanTa fee will be charged for entries for doctors’ appointments and procedures starting on February 22, 2016. The fee is charged due to increased costs for medical institutions from setting up the archive and its daily use, including the expenses from electronic prescriptions. The KanTa fee is not charged for examinations, nurse visits, preventative care related to occupational health care or for physiotherapy or other therapies.

2.00 €

Regarding separate invoicing charges

A separate invoicing charge is added, if Lääkärikeskus Aava handles billing material from other service producers as an administrative transit service.  This always requires a separate contract with Lääkärikeskus Aava. The added invoicing charge is 20,00/invoice.

25.00 €

Surcharge for paper invoice

Aava Medical Centre charges EUR 10.00 per invoice for paper invoices delivered by post. This surcharge covers the printing and mailing costs. No surcharge applies to e-invoices or PDF format invoices delivered via email. 

10.00 €