Occupational health care services

Aava occupational health care is in harmony with your company. We do not sell package solutions – we want to offer you exactly the services you need. We provide comprehensive services to supplement statutory occupational health care, such as experienced specialists, quick remote service and a wide range of wellbeing coaching options. Our invoicing is transparent, so you will always be in control of the costs.

Active occupational health care teams provide the foundation of care

Our occupational health care teams ensure that the obligations specified in law are fulfilled. This includes workplace surveys and initial and periodical medical check-ups. Most employers want to include medical care in their occupational health care agreement, so that employees have quick access to treatment whenever necessary.

Specialists and procedures representing approximately 40 specialties

At Aava occupational health care clinics, there is always the possibility to access specialist consultation. At our clinics, you can have appointments with the best specialists. This enables an unbroken treatment chain and quick recovery. Our clinics that focus fully on occupational health care, Aava Oulu and Aava Tampere, provide access to specialist consultation through our reliable partners. Remote services are supplemented by remote consultations. Remote consultation refers to telephone appointments with Aava’s general practitioners and specialists representing selected specialties.

Luotsi makes remote services effective

Do you want to exploit the opportunities provided by remote services without compromising the quality of care? Aava Luotsi is Aava’s smart service control system. It makes occupational health care more effective than ever. Luotsi's experts monitor your employees’ health in real time and promptly intervene in any detected working capacity-related risks. Remote care is particularly useful for companies with employees at locations without an Aava clinic.

Work ability management helps supervisors

Did you know that working at half capacity is just as bad for the company’s productivity as being on sick leave? Good management provides a shortcut to an efficient workplace. Our experienced work ability coaches help supervisors in your company to resolve problematic situations at the workplace and to step up the pace at the workplace.

Mental and physical wellbeing

To succeed in a challenging job, the body and mind must be in top shape. To support wellbeing at work, Aava Wellbeing and Sports Clinic can provide your executives and other key employees with training programmes that are based on accurate measurements. The training is provided by Aava Kamppi at the clinic’s private gym. Customers can also use the gym independently.

Coaching and lectures

Aava occupational health care provides inspiring lectures and coaching for your company with experience and expertise.

A few examples include:

  • Online coaching
  • First aid courses
  • Lectures by an occupational psychologist
  • Workplace exercise
  • Motivational coaching
  • Group coaching related to the prevention of diabetes, insomnia, etc.

Contact us

At Aava occupational health care, we know our customers and treat them individually. Would you also like to know us? Contact us by email, myynti@aava.fi, or fill in our contact request form.