Occupational health care Tuusula

In Tuusula, Aava has one occupational health care clinic, Aava Tuusula.

Occupational health care Aava Tuusula

At the Tuusula occupational health care clinic, services are provided by

  • 2 occupational health nurses
  • 4 occupational physicians
  • 1 occupational physiotherapist
  • 1 occupational psychologist

Aava Tuusula occupational health care teams have completed specialisation studies in occupational health care, and they have a long career history in occupational health care services. The occupational health care services of the Tuusula clinic are supported by a laboratory and X-ray services, nurse’s services, general practitioner and specialist services and physiotherapy services, all available at the same location.

The special expertise of the Tuusula clinic includes debriefing, diabetes, guidance and counselling of people whose work involves frequent travelling, radiation work-related matters, occupational health care services for SMEs, skin diseases and occupational skin diseases.

Aava´s digital sevice, eAava and remote physicians make services available everywhere

The occupational health care services in Tuusula are supplemented by the eAava and Aava´s digital online service. Through our new online service, you can reach your occupational health care team in no time at all and easily manage your services. Read more about the many ways in which eAava and Aava´s digital channel enhances your occupational health care services.

Services of Aava specialists are also available through remote appointments if this service is included in your occupational health care agreement. Telephone appointments are available, for example, with Aava’s general practitioners, gynaecologists and travel physicians. Aava Luotsi makes remote occupational health care services even more effective.

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