Occupational health care for employees

A key task of our occupational health care organisation is to monitor and support the employee’s health and well-being and prevent the development of occupational diseases.

Illness or problems in a person’s private life may negatively affect their working capacity. Problems affecting work performance may also be related to the work itself or its organisation, the work processes, the practices of the workplace and organisation, or the work environment.

Preventive occupational health care activities include the following:

  • promoting health and preventing illnesses
  • motivating individuals to actively promote their health and a balanced way of life
  • supporting occupational health and safety
  • recognising any loss of working capacity as early as possible
  • determining, assessing and monitoring an individual’s working and functional capacity
  • identifying work-related stress factors
  • presenting proposals for action and monitoring the measures taken
  • monitoring and promoting the ability of disabled employees to cope at work
  • determining the need for rehabilitation
  • providing advice on rehabilitation
  • referring employees to medical or occupational rehabilitation.

Prevention & occupational health care

Prevention and preventive action provide the foundation for occupational health care activities. Medical care provided through occupational health care supports prevention and plays a significant role in the maintenance and restoration of health and well-being.

Lääkärikeskus Aava provides medical care to the extent agreed on in the customer’s occupational health care agreement.

How to make an appointment?

To find out the contact details of occupational health nurses, physicians, physiotherapists and psychologists, use the search for a specialist option or go to the clinic’s Web page. You can make an appointment via our Internet booking service or by calling our telephone service 010 380 3838.

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In urgent queries, please contact our customer service by phone.

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