Why is a colonoscopy performed?

The most common reasons for colonoscopy are prolonged diarrhea, blood in excrement, unclear iron-deficiency anemia, positive excrement blood test or stomach pain that involves changes in bowel movements.

Colorectal cancer is becoming more common and about 3,000 cases are diagnosed every year. According to an expert group, a colonoscopy performed at the age of 55–65 years and the removal of any polyp detected will greatly reduce the risk of having colorectal cancer (Duodecim 6/2016).

Preparing for colonoscopy

The preconditions for successful colonoscopy is the complete evacuation of the bowels, which takes time. For more detailed patient instructions and bowel evacuation instructions, click here. All persons entering the examination receive detailed instructions from the physician or nurse. 

We seek to perform colonoscopy painlessly and will administer sedatives and/or painkillers intravascularly, where necessary. Due to possible medication, we recommend that you do not arrive with your own car. At Aava Hospital, a colonoscopy can also be performed under general anaesthesia.  

Course of colonoscopy

In colonoscopy, the physician examines the entire large intestine from anus until the small intestine using a flexible speculum. Colonoscopy allows the examination of the whole large intestine and the end part of the small intestine and the taking of tissue samples. Polyps, or abnormal growth on the mucous membrane, can be removed in colonoscopy. Polyps are often precursors of malignant tumours of the gastrointestinal tract. Polyp removal prevents them from changing into malignant tumours.

Colonoscopy takes about one hour, though you should set aside 1-2 hours for the visit.

After colonoscopy

The physician prescribes sick leave for the examination day, where necessary. Tissue samples are usually taken from the bowel’s mucous membrane, so there may be some blood from the bowel on the examination day. 

The patient can gradually return to normal diet after a colonoscopy.


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Payment options

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The service voucher covers some of the colonoscopy costs for some physicians. With the City of Helsinki’s service voucher, you can visit Aava’s GastroPhysicians for colonoscopy.


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