Remote appointment with a nurse at the Travel Clinic

A remote appointment is an easy way to contact a specialist at Aava regardless of the time and place. A remote appointment saves you time and money, giving you a quick access to the help you need.

How does the remote appointment work?

A remote appointment is a telephone consultation. The specialist from Aava will call you at the beginning of the allotted time from the number 010 380 3800. Please ensure that you are available to take the call and have your phone close by! You cannot call the specialist back. If you fail to answer, we will have to send you an invoice for a missed appointment.

Is a remote appointment suitable in my case?

Our experienced specialists treat many ailments and symptoms via remote visits. A remote appointment is also suitable for controls and follow-up of treatment, when you have agreed on this with the specialist in advance. For your first appointment, a visit to the doctor’s office may be preferred.

Remote appointment with a nurse at the Travel Clinic

Advice for travellers

  • Assessment of the need for vaccinations*
  • Planning and scheduling of the vaccination programme
  • Travel health counselling (including protection against insects and the prevention and treatment of diarrhoea)
  • Assessment of destination-specific risks

*For the administration of vaccinations, book an appointment with a nurse at Aava Travel Clinic or other Aava clinic. You must come to the nurse’s office for the administration of vaccinations, but you do not need a prescription. You can purchase your vaccines at Aava Travel Clinic in Kamppi or with a doctor’s prescription at a pharmacy.

When is a remote appointment not suitable?

You need a prescription or become ill during your trip.

First visit in cases such as the treatment of a chronic illness. If your problem cannot be fully dealt with during the remote appointment, the specialist will advise you to book a face-to-face appointment at Aava. In such cases, the remote appointment will be charged according to the price list.

Acute emergencies, shortness of breath, chest pain and infections or painful conditions presenting with severe symptoms. Go to see a doctor or contact the emergency unit of your area (112).

Prescription of medicines that affect the CNS (products marked with a red triangle) and renewal of such prescriptions. Sleeping pills, strong painkillers and tranquillisers are not prescribed through remote appointments.

Referrals for public medical care. As a rule, referrals for public medical care are not made on the basis of a remote appointment alone.

Please check the following before your remote appointment.

  • Is your telephone number up-to-date? Update your telephone number through the Aava’s digital service or call Aava's customer service, tel 010 380 3838. Please note that the telephone number you gave in connection with booking an appointment will not be updated in our system or sent to the specialist, even if you received a confirmation message on your phone.
  • Have you given consent to disclosure of patient information? Give your consent through the My Kanta service. Making your health information available to health care professionals promotes your continuous systematic treatment.
  • Have you recently received treatment or had tests or examinations elsewhere? Please have your medical records and examination results from other medical centres at hand. Information on your visits to Aava is found in our patient information system.
  • Are you occupational health care service customer? Please check if the remote appointment service includes your company’s contract.
  • Do you have medical expenses insurance? Please check whether your insurance covers remote appointments.
  • Are you taking any medication? Please have at hand information on your medication, including strength and dosage.

Special instructions for remote appointments with a doctor or nurse at the Travel Clinic

  • Before your remote appointment begins, please go to FitFor Travel’s country database at It contains useful information, such as country-specific malaria maps.
  • If other members of your family need a remote appointment, book a remote appointment for each one of them.
  • Before your appointment with a travel physician, please find out about your previous vaccinations (can be found on your vaccination certificate or vaccination card).


Book a remote appointment through the online service. When booking an appointment through the online service, select remote appointment as the clinic and choose the specialty you want.

If you have not contacted Aava before: Please book your appointment through our online service to enable authentication with online banking credentials.

Children: Book appointments for children using the child’s personal information. Authentication using online banking credentials is required for the first appointment. If the child has not visited Aava before and does not have online banking credentials, it is, unfortunately, not possible to book a remote appointment for the child. The parents’ online banking credentials cannot be used for making an appointment, as prescriptions and other documents cannot be created on another person’s information. Check if you can find help through the PikkuTsätti chat service. It is provided by the Pikkujätti medical centre for children and young people.

Payment options

Aava’s remote appointments are paid online by card. The price of the remote appointment is determined by the specialty and the length of the appointment, among other things. The final amount will be charged after the remote appointment. Kela’s reimbursement has been deducted from the final price.

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Price list

Remote appointment with a nurse at the Travel Clinic 15 min
38.00 €
Includes the Kanta fee

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In urgent queries, please contact us by phone.

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