Certificate of COVID vaccine

You may receive a COVID vaccination certificate from Aava after you have received your vaccine dose. It is an English-language certificate issued by Aava Medical Centre and signed by a nurse or a doctor confirming which COVID-19 vaccines you have received. As a rule, you can receive the certificate after the second dose. If you need a certificate for necessary reasons, such as for travelling, the COVID vaccination certificate can be issued already after the first dose.

How to obtain a COVID vaccination certificate:

Aava occupational health care customers

  • If you are an Aava occupational health care customer and you receive the vaccine through occupational health care, you can request the certificate directly from the person who administers the vaccine to you.
  • If necessary, you can also request a COVID vaccination certificate later from your occupational health nurse.

Other customers

  • If you have received the COVID-19 vaccine outside of Aava and need a COVID vaccination certificate, book an appointment with an Aava nurse by calling customer service, tel. +358 10 380 3838.
  • The nurse will check the COVID-19 vaccines you have received from the patient information system/Kanta service or from other official document, and issue a COVID vaccination certificate. Please bring a photo ID with you.
  • The COVID vaccination certificate indicates when the vaccine(s) have been administered and which vaccine has been used.
  • The certificate can also be issued by a doctor, for example, in connection with another appointment.


A COVID vaccination certificate is given free of charge to anyone who is vaccinated at Aava.

Please note that only occupational health care customers who have entered into an agreement with Aava on vaccination can get vaccinated at Aava. Read more.

The price for a certificate issued for a COVID vaccine administered elsewhere is €30.