Covid antibody test

Aava Medical Centre conducts antibody tests to find out if a person has had coronavirus infection before. We conduct tests based on a medical assessment. That means that a doctor’s referral is always required for an antibody test.

If you suspect you have had COVID-19 and want to have a covid antibody test to make sure, please book a remote appointment with a doctor or book an appointment at the clinic, if necessary.

The antibody test used at Aava is of very high quality. The test’s sensitivity is 100% and accuracy >99.6%.

Antibody tests are conducted at all Aava clinics.

Who can have a covid antibody test and when?

You need an electronic referral from Aava’s doctor for the antibody test. The doctor assesses if a test is necessary. An antibody test can be conducted when it is presumed that a person has had COVID-19 in the past.

We recommend that you take the test approximately three weeks after the onset of symptoms. Antibodies stay positive for a few months at least, so the test can be taken well after the symptoms have subsided.

Note: A COVID-19 test is used to find out if you currently have COVID-19. Read more about covid testing.

How do I make an appointment for the covid antibody test?

After a doctor has discussed with the patient and decided that testing is necessary, they will make an electronic referral for testing. At this point, it will also be agreed how the patient will receive information about the test results.

The patient will then receive a phone call from Aava’s laboratory to make an appointment for the test. Information about the sampling time and location will be sent also via SMS.

The test is a blood test and the sample will be taken in Aava’s laboratory.

Results of the covid antibody test

The test results are available in approximately 24 hours. When the result is ready, Aava’s doctor will contact you as agreed and give you the results. The result will also be uploaded to the Kanta service and Aava’s own medical information.

Price and payment of covid antibody testing

An antibody tests costs EUR 92.30 at Aava (Kela reimbursement EUR 15).

You can pay for the test at the clinic cash desk. If you have infection symptoms and were instructed to go to a room dedicated to patients with infection symptoms, we will send the invoice by mail to avoid unnecessary contact.

Please note that the remote or telephone appointment to discuss the test results is charged for separately.