Aava Luotsi - Occupational healthcare through intelligent remote care

Aava Luotsi is our remote health care service. We offer fast, flexible and high-quality occupational health care through our remote care model.

At Aava Luotsi, a professional occupational nurse will assess your situation, start your care from the first contact and create an individual care plan - referring you to a remote care doctor or a traditional appointment when required. You will often get instant help for common ailments and questions.

We offer competitive pricing packages for both preventive and medical occupational care. 

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Are you already a Luotsi customer?

Contact your own Luotsi-team through our number: 010 380 5600

If you belong to Finnair's sickness fund, our number is: 010 380 5630

Luotsi opening hours:

Aava Luotsi is open every day of the year. Please check your occupational care contract if weekend contacts are permitted.

Monday to Friday: 07-23 (7AM to 11PM)
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 09-18 (9AM to 6PM)



Aava Luotsi - All occupational health care services just one call or message away

Through our remote service model and advance planning, Aava Luotsi is a cost-efficient and smooth way of organizing occupational care services as an employer. Through Luotsi, employees enjoy individual care pathways and avoid unnecessary office visits. Our remote care model offers unique advantages:

Benefits of Aava Luotsi:

  • Our remote care model offers flexibility and accessibility no matter where you live or work
  • Common and well-known symptoms (for example flus and urinary tract infections) can be treated remotely saving the employee time and employer money
  • Our digital services enable questionnaires to be filled in advance, which results in more efficient use of care specialist’s time 
  • Active screening of employees with working ability risks on every contact leads to faster occupational care intervention for employees at risk
  • Remote prescription renewals and laboratory referrals save both employee time and employer money

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