Good to know

Appointments by phone

When you call to make an appointment, your call will be recorded. The recordings will only be used for the purpose of training the appointments service team. Where necessary, the recordings can also be used to verify appointments.

Calls made to corporate numbers starting with 010 cost 8.28 c/call + 5.95 c/min. (VAT 24%) from Finnish landline phones, and 8.28 c/call + 17.04 c/min. (VAT 24%) from a mobile (Finnish mobile operator’s subscriptions).

Cancelling doctor’s appointments

If you need to cancel a doctor’s appointment, please do so at least 12 hours before the appointment is due to start. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for appointments cancelled later or not at all.

If you are prevented from attending the appointment, please call the number for making appointments. Appointments made via our website may be cancelled by telephone or via the Internet using the appointment code provided in the appointment confirmation.

Give feedback

Please be specific when giving feedback so that we can determine which service your feedback applies to. All feedback is reviewed by Quality Manager Ann-Marie Nordstrom( well as the manager of the relevant operating unit.

 Data protection and confidentiality

All patient information is kept confidential. Health care professionals are legally bound by a confidentiality obligation. Patient records may only be accessed by those involved in the patient’s care, and only to the extent necessary for the carrying out of their duties.

A patient has the right to review who has accessed his or her data. Requests for inspection may be addressed to Chief Medical Officer Paula Arvilommi.

Patient delegate

The patient delegate provides guidance and advice to patients and their family members on issues relating to the care and treatment of the patient, as well as information on the rights of patients. The patient delegate provides advice on how to submit a complaint or a patient injury report and how to file a claim. They can also assist in preparing any necessary documents.

If there is anything that is unclear concerning the care or treatment provided, as a first step please contact the service manager of the operating unit providing the care or the attending physician. Complaints regarding care or treatment can be addressed directly to the Chief Administrative Medical Officer Paula Arvilommi.

The patient ombudsman does not express an opinion on the medical decisions taken or have any power of decision.

The patient delegate: Sari A. Niemelä
Telephone hours: tuesdays klo 12–14, tel 050 375 4980

Further information on patients’ rights can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. A printable form for reporting injuries is available on the website of the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre.

Requests for patient records at Aava

Use this link to open the form containing a request for your patient records. Fill out the form on your computer, print it out, sign bring it personally to an office of Aava Medical Centre.

You must have a photo ID to prove your identity, either when you hand over the request form or when you arrive to collect the patient records. If you wish to have someone else collect your patient records, you must prove your identity upon making the request and the person collecting the patient records must have a power of attorney. The person with the power of attorney must have a photo ID to prove his or her identity.

If you live far away or are unable to personally collect the patient records, the records can be sent as registered mail to be personally collected at the post office (not by proxy). The price of this service is EUR 20 and it is charged to you on an invoice attached to the letter (the price only applies to domestic postal deliveries).

Our procedures are based on the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients 785/1992 and on the publication 2012:4 “Preparing and handling patient records” by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.


Here are some useful forms. You can fill the forms on your computer and then print them out. Read more.

File descriptions

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health decree on patient records specifies the information which is to be recorded for the purpose of arranging and providing for the patient’s care, as well as how the information is to be recorded. This information constitutes a personal data file.

Under the Personal Data Act, an individual must be informed if his or her personal data is recorded in a personal data file. The data subject must also be informed of the purposes for which the data is used, the regular destinations of the disclosed data, and the rights of data subjects.

The patient registers of Lääkärikeskus Aava Oy are

1. the patient register kept centrally by Lääkärikeskus Aava Oy, its subsidiaries and independent health care professionals (patient register for private patients), and

2. the occupational health care patient registers kept centrally by Lääkärikeskus Aava Oy and its subsidiaries.