eAava offers multiple benefits to personnel management

eAava is an online platform that can be used via a terminal or mobile device. It is a handy personnel management tool, and also a secure communication tool between an Aava contact person and a representative of the company or organisation. eAava offers an alternative to the traditional email exchanges and paperwork that also enables secure and easy remote consultation.

When your company or organisation starts using eAava

  • You will receive fewer emails. Shared documents, such as agreements, action plans and workplace surveys, are stored in a cloud-based folder, and you can access them from anywhere at any time.
  • You will save time. You will be able to contact the occupational health team using the eAava discussions function. All messages are stored in the same Place.
  • Your information is safe. eAava stores your important documents and company information. Users must prove their identity at log-in, which makes the service secure.
  • Activation is free. The eAava user interface is simple and easy to use, including on mobile devices. Best of all, our occupational health care customers start using eAava free of charge.

We encourage all of our occupational health care customers to adopt eAava and use the opportunities offered by the digital environment to their benefit in occupational health care.

If you already have login credentials, you can log in to eAava here. If your company is not yet using eAava, please contact your designated contact person.

Advantages of the online service for employers

Reports on personnel are mere clicks away. You can track the key indicators of your organisation in eAava, including statistics on occupational health care visits and costs.

Shared documents, such as agreements, action plans and workplace surveys, are stored in a cloud-based folder. The eAava discussion forum supports cooperation and facilitates communication between the customer company and their occupational health care team.

The attachments of occupational health care invoices are available in eAava. eAava offers a quicker and more secure way of monitoring invoices and attachments than e-mail and traditional mail. Invoices and attachments are archived in a separate tab in chronological order.

Our partner in sending invoices and payment control is Ropo Capital Oy. If you have any questions about the contents of the invoice, please contact the invoicing team of Aava Occupational Health Care (010 380 2212 or laskutus@aava.fi). Ropo Capital will help you with matters related to invoice payments (+358 (0)9 2315 0438, www.ropocapital.fi).

eAava in a nutshell:

The four key advantages for employers

  1. You gain an overview of the well-being of your personnel.
  2. All the files and messages are stored in one place.
  3. You can sign agreements digitally.
  4. You can use digitalisation to your benefit in occupational health care.

A channel for employees – Aava’s digital service channel

Aava’s digital service channel is a designated service channel for private persons and employees. The digital service channel provides easy access to services by gathering all the customer’s health information in one place. Laboratory and imaging test results as well as referrals are also available on our digital service channel. Information about earlier visits and future appointments can also be viewed using the service. Occupational health care customers will also have access to a messaging function that enables discussions with the occupational health care team.

Read more about Aava’s digital service channel here. Log in to the service here.

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