Experts’ tips for the new year: relationships and work

Published on 20.12.2017

We challenged Aava’s experts to share some fresh and practical advice for the start of the year. Our four experts give some professional tips that are definitely worth a shot.

This article offers some new ideas about relationships and workdays. In the first part, the tips are related to sleep and meals. Read on and share these tips with anyone who might benefit from them.


Mari Päiväniemi, sex therapist:

Challenge your partner or friend to a daily exchange of compliments

New Year’s resolutions do not have to be major changes. Even small acts may have surprising, positive results. Every day, take the time with your partner to tell each other one thing about them that you are grateful for or one thing about their behaviour that makes you happy. Sounds simple but this is easily and commonly forgotten. In the rush of everyday life, it’s easy to focus only on the other person’s flaws.

Remember to give a daily compliment by agreeing a specific time of the day for it: always exchange compliments over breakfast or perhaps in the evening when brushing your teeth. At first, the compliment challenge may feel forced, but don’t give up. Little by little, it will become a natural habit.

You can also take the challenge with other family members, friends or even coworkers. Everyone likes a nice comment in the middle of the day. Best of all, it also makes you feel good.


Timo Vänttinen, senior occupational health physician:

Forget about disposable tips: motivation is needed all year round

The darkness of winter and heavy eating at Christmas make many of us want to shed our skin and become a better person. At the same time, experts warn us about stress when returning to work and share tips to avoid it. Don’t believe the disposable New Year’s tips! The first day of the year is a day just like any other. Work motivation is created at work and changes continually over time. Motivation is needed all year round.

The greatest resource of Finnish companies is work atmosphere. Team spirit is improved with every smile and gleam of enthusiasm in employees’ eyes. Think about what inspires you and help others feel enthusiastic about their work. Helping a coworker in the middle of a busy working day plays its part in creating a sustainable corporate culture.

Every employee should regularly think about the following questions: Why am I in this job? Why do I work here and in this position? By answering these questions, you can find purpose behind your work. If you cannot answer or you are not satisfied with your answers, consider whether your workplace is right for you.


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