Register descriptions and terms and conditions

The register description of Aava Medical Centre

The decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health concerning patient documents defines how and what health care records should be saved in order to organize and implement treatment of patients. These records form a personal data file.

According to the Data Protection Regulation, the person should be informed if data is recorded in a personal data file. Furthermore the registered person should be informed about the purpose of processing the personal records, where these records regularly are handed over and the rights of the registered person.

The patient data files of Aava Medical Centre are:

  1. centrally maintained patient data files (data files of private customers) of Aava Medical Centre, it´s subsidiaries and practitioners, and
  2. in occupational health care, centrally maintained employer specific patient data files of Aava Medical Centre and it´s subsidiaries


We have updated our privacy statements and they are now being translated into english. You can find updated  privacy statement in finnish from More information, please contact