8 billion ways for a life well lived

Save time and effort – download the Aava app
In the app you can find all the health information you need, such as referrals, prescriptions, sick leave certificates and examination results. As an occupational health customer, you can also quickly access the doctor chat.
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Remote appointments
A remote appointment is an easy way to contact a specialist at Aava regardless of the time and place. A remote appointment saves you time and money, giving you a quick access to the help you need.
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Pikkujätti Medical Centre for Children and Youth is Aava’s sister company
Pikkujätti has all the expertise related to the illnesses, growth and development of children and young people. At Pikkujätti, children can cry, laugh, have tantrums or act shy – we know that kids will be kids.
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Finnish company

Aava Medical Centre has over 50 years of experience in promoting the health and well-being of Finns. The company remains a family business.

Comprehensive care

In Finland, there are 5.5 million ways to feel good. We want to understand and support each and every one of them.

Strong expertise

We employ over 1,000 experts. We develop our operations with the main focus on quality and our customers.