How to use Aava’s services

Here a few things to keep in mind to make going to the doctor’s easier. Follow these steps to make the most out of your Aava visit.

1. Booking an appointment

Do you already know with what kind of specialist you want to book an appointment? Great! You can book an appointment online here. You can also book an appointment by using the Aava app or by calling our customer service, tel. +358 10 380 3838.

Call charges to business phones with the code 010 are EUR 0.08 per call + EUR 0.17 per minute from Finnish landlines and mobile phones. Waiting is subject to a charge.

Oma Aava

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our services and experts on our website. In Oma Aava, you can see your entire Aava visit history as well as your own information. You can also upload a photo of your Kela card to make service smoother and to receive direct reimbursements from Kela. If you need help with, for example, selecting a specialist, you can also ask our customer service for advice.

Remote appointment

You can choose either a traditional appointment at an Aava clinic or a remote appointment. For a remote appointment, the specialist will call you at the time you have booked.

Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment

An appointment or examination visit can be cancelled or rescheduled free of charge up to 24 hours before the booked time in the Aava app, by phone, in Oma Aava or through the link in the booking confirmation sent by SMS. If the confirmation message does not reach the customer, the cancellation must be made in the Aava app, by calling +358 10 380 3838 or in Oma Aava.

Please note that surgeries can be cancelled or rescheduled free of charge up to 48 hours before the booked time only by calling +358 10 380 5300 (on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) or by emailing

For an uncancelled appointment or an appointment that was cancelled or rescheduled too late, we will charge a fee in accordance with the price list.

2. Preparation

If you are visiting an Aava clinic, please bring with you an identity card and a Kela card or an identity card with health insurance information attached. You should bring your Kela card with you, as it will allow you to immediately receive Kela reimbursements for your treatment. You can also upload a photo of your Kela card to the Oma Aava service.

If you have any questions for your doctor, you should write them down so that you remember to discuss any concerns you may have.


Your doctor has access to information about your previous Aava visits. You can make your treatment process even better if you accept the disclosure of data in the MyKanta service. The right to review the information is restricted to the Aava personnel in charge of caring for you. With your permission, we may also request information about you from other health care providers after your appointment.

3. Registration

Your doctor’s visit begins by registering at the reception of the Aava clinic. The most convenient way to register is via Aava application or text message, some of our clinics also have self-registration machines. If you wish, you can always do the registration with our service advisers aswell. You can get a remote appointment over the telephone wherever you are, so there is no need to come to the clinic.

Self-registration in the Aava app or via SMS

Registering for an appointment through the Aava app is very easy.

You’ll also receive a text message with a self-registration link roughly two hours before your appointment.

Only open the link once you have arrived at the clinic. The link opens a web page with a registration button. Please notice that registration can be done no earlier than half an hour before the start of the reception.

SMS registration is not available for remote appointments.

Save time

We recommend that you arrive at the clinic roughly 10 minutes before the start of your scheduled appointment. Also avoid scheduling other plans directly after the appointment is set to end. Our doctors try to stay on schedule, but you should still be prepared for small delays. Your own appointment may also take longer due to, for example, further examinations.

Please leave pets at home

Please be considerate of people with animal allergies and leave your pet at home for the duration of your Aava visit. Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at our medical centres.

4. At the doctor’s appointment

The doctor will call your name before the appointment. The doctor will map out your situation through discussion and examination, after which they will make a plan for further treatment. At Aava, we do our best to ensure that your treatment is smooth and that you always have clear information about

what will happen next. After the appointment, the doctor will record the appointment details in Aava’s patient information system as background information for the next visit.

Further examinations

At Aava, you can usually get the necessary further examinations without needing to wait. You can get a laboratory or X-ray examination without an appointment during their respective opening hours. For further examinations that require an appointment, you can get help from the reception nurses. You can also leave your phone number, and our care organiser will contact you.

Your treatment will be faster if the necessary further examinations are carried out at Aava, as the results will be transmitted directly to the doctor responsible for your care. Examinations carried out at Aava are always of high quality and comparable with each other.

Receiving the results

The doctor will communicate the results of the examinations by phone, SMS, in the MyKanta service or at a new appointment as agreed. With a few exceptions, you will also see the results of laboratory and imaging examinations as soon as they are completed in Oma Aava or the Aava app. Biopsies and tissue sample responses are exceptions, along with other laboratory responses with a medical report, which appear as part of your medical record only after they have been recorded there by your doctor. Further treatment can also be carried out at a remote appointment if your doctor is involved in the service.

5. Payment

You can pay your visit at the clinic’s reception by debit or credit card, with your Aava account or with an Aava gift voucher. The invoice consists of a specialist’s fee, the costs of examinations and procedures, a service fee in accordance

with the price list and a Kanta fee that covers the costs of the national patient archive and e-prescription.

Kela reimbursement

Please take your Kela card with you to the appointment, as showing the card allows you to get Kela reimbursements for your treatment without delay. You can also upload a photo of your Kela card to the Oma Aava service.

Kela will reimburse part of the costs when you visit a private doctor or use a remote appointment due to illness, pregnancy or childbirth. Aava is included in Kela’s direct reimbursement scheme.

For more information on the grounds for reimbursement, see Kela’s website.