Gynaecology services for young women

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Price List

  • Please note that only some of Aava's service prices are shown in the price list.
  • The appointment price consists of the doctor’s fees that our doctors define themselves.
  • Aava charges an administrative fee.
  • A KanTA fee is charged for consultations and procedures with physicians.
  • Kela, The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, provides partial reimbursement for appointment fees and the cost of examinations and care. Our clinics are included in Kela’s direct reimbursement scheme.
  • At Aava Medical Centre we accept debit and credit cards. You may also use the Aava account and an Aava gift voucher.
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Young Women’s Aava

Nuorten Naisten Aava (Young Women’s Aava) offers special prices for private gynaecological patients between 15-25 years of age. Patients receive an advantage card during the first visit. By presenting your NNA card at the reception and always upon payment you ensure that you receive all the benefits.

If you wish to book an appointment with any of the doctors or other professionals receiving at Nuorten Naisten Aava choose Nuorten Naisten Aava as the specialty.

Aava Medical Centre is included in Kela’s direct reimbursement scheme. We reserve the right to make changes to pricing.

Gynaecologists’ appointment prices

A first visit to a gynaecologist comprises a health assessment, a gynaecological examination if the patient wishes or if necessary for health reasons, a choice of contraceptive method and associated prescription and counselling. Schedules for the insertion of intrauterine devices or contraceptive implants are agreed during the first visit, if required.

Prices of midwife’s and sexual counsellor’s services

A first visit to a midwife comprises a health assessment, sexual counselling, family planning and, if applicable, a doctor’s prescription for hormonal contraception for 3 months. Follow-up visits for prescription renewal in alternate years may take place at midwife’s reception in case the patient has no problems.

Sisältää reseptin 12 kk, jos sille ei esteitä.

40.00 €

make two 30-min appointments

75.00 €

Ei sisällä mahdollista ultraäänen käyttömaksua (55€/käyntisarja) eikä mahdollisia henkilökohtaisia harjoittelun apuvälineitä.

80.00 €

Gynaecological examinations during appointments

Prices for examinations prescribed by gynaecologists are available at the offices of Aava Medical Centre.

95.00 €
-20% discount from Aava’s list price

Insertion of contraceptive implant or intrauterine device