Heidi Kruit

MD, PhD, Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology

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Welcome to my practice with any gynecology, female health, or pregnancy and childbirth related issues!

I offer services and ultrasound examinations in any gynecological issues such as annual check-ups, acute problems (bleeding, infections, pregnancy related concerns) and family planning, including intrauterine devices and implants. I also offer prenatal and postnatal care, ultrasound examinations at all stages of pregnancy, as well as support and advice for any childbirth related concerns. I’m part of the Aava’s Young Women’s Services with special prices for women aged 15-25 (Nuorten Naisten Aava).

I speak native Finnish and fluent English.

I am a specialist and senior consultant in obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology. I also work in the women's clinic of Helsinki University Hospital to ensure professional expertise and experience. I have a special interest in the onset of labor and induction of labor, in which I completed my PhD.