Orthopaedics and physiotherapy

Aava’s physicians specialised in musculoskeletal disorders examine your ailments and injuries and prepare a suitable treatment plan for you.

An orthopaedist treats and examines musculoskeletal injuries and strain-related sports injuries, and, if necessary, performs surgical operations and procedures.

A physiatrist examines and treats pain and musculoskeletal problems that do not require surgery.

A sports physician is familiar with the requirements of sports and prepares a treatment plan when there is no need for surgery or you are recovering from surgery.

Book a remote appointment with a specialist through our online booking service. Our customer service team will also assist you in English and help you find a suitable specialist and time for the appointment. Call +358 010 380 3838.

Most of our physicians and other experts speak English. You can check this and other language skills on each expert’s profile page.