Kaisu Behm

Welcome to reflect your situation with an experienced occupational health psychologist. If you are conserned about your wellbeing at work, or otherwise worried about yourself or your life situation, it is usually helpful to reflect your situation with an occupational health care professional. You may have stress symptoms, feel yourself exhausted or frustrated at work, have symptoms of depression or anxiety, or have a bigger crisis or change going on in your life. Thinking it through together with a professional may help you to find new solutions to these problems.

Anna Pitkäjärvi

As an occupational health psychologist I help clients with work-related stress, mental health and challenging conditions in work or personal life.

Jari Aho

I work with individuals, groups and organizations. Themes can be like

* work wellbeing
* life crises
* managment support and
* work community development.

I am clinical work supervisor and sexologist specialized in diversity in sexuality, gender and relationships.