Covid-19 test info

Coronavirus testing at Aava: arrival information

You have an appointment booked for a Covid-19 (PCR) test. Please read these instructions carefully before your appointment.

More information about how to find us and what to do on your arrival is provided at the end. Please note that some of our testing centres are not set up within our medical centres, and this is why we’ve provided these additional instructions for your arrival.

Arriving for your Covid-19 test

  • You can arrive for your test by car. Please note that you must not accept a lift from anyone at a higher risk from coronavirus.
  • If you live close by and you’re feeling well enough, you can also arrive on foot or by bicycle.
  • We recommend that you do not use public transport to travel to the testing site. If you need to use public transport, however, you must wear a face mask. Remember to leave a 2-metre distance between you and other passengers whenever possible.
  • You can also arrive by taxi. When booking your taxi, please let the dispatcher know that it is for a coronavirus test.
  • Please arrive promptly for your appointment. This is to help prevent queues from forming. There are no waiting areas at our coronavirus testing facilities.

Coronavirus testing at Aava: the testing process

  • Please bring a form of ID with you. Be ready to display your ID through your car window at the drive-in station before the test.
  • Please wear a mask at all times during your visit. For the test, pull your mask down so it sits below your nose.
  • We will carry out the test by inserting a cotton swab into the cavity between your nose and mouth (nasopharynx). It’s a good idea to bring some tissues with you, as the swab may cause a sneeze or your eyes to water.
  • When the swab is complete, you will be given a patient information leaflet and a contact tracing questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire when you get home. This way, you will have all your contact information to hand if your test result is positive.

Aava coronavirus testing sites, how to find us

Espoo, Tapiola

Länsituuli1. From Pohjantie turn into the Länsituulentie tunnel. You will see a loading area immediately to your right. This is where the Aava coronavirus testing site is located. You will find the testing station adjacent to the car park entrance. You can also attend this testing site on foot. From the Heikintori outdoor car park, take the path that follows Pohjantie. This will bring you to the loading area.

Helsinki, Kamppi

Annankatu 34 A. The testing service has its own entrance at street level. Please note that there is NO access to the testing site via Aava Kamppi. “Aava näytteenotto” is clearly displayed on the windows. Please wait outside until you are called in by one of our nurses.


Hämeenkatu 14, rear courtyard. Drive or walk up the ramp by the church. This will bring you to the car park at the back of the building. If you’re driving, turn around at the back of the car park and pull up at the door by the ramp. The testing is carried out indoors. Please wait here until you’re called in.


Tavastilan kauppakeskus, Eteläkatu 14. Drive into the Tavastila shopping centre car park using the Palokunnankatu entrance. Follow the ramp down, turn left and keep driving until you are almost at the very back of the car park. You can also arrive on foot.


Myllytie 1 A, Aallopin liikekeskus (shopping centre), car park, S-Market, Aava and Pikkujätti all share the same building. If you’re arriving by car, drive into the car park and turn right. Continue past the shopping trolleys and park in the disabled bay until you’re directed to the testing site. We will swab you through the car window. If you’re arriving on foot, enter the car park via the sliding doors next to the car entrance and wait by the shopping trolleys until you’re called forward.


Kauppakaari 1 E. Please arrive on foot only. The testing service is located in the Aava building. You will find it at the back of the building by Aleksis Kiven tie, next to the Aurinkomäki playground. Walk up the steps located in front of the restaurant, and you will find the testing site on the right behind the building. Please wait outside until you’re called in.

Oulu, Rusko

Kaapelitie 4. The testing is carried out in Aava occupational health care station.

Tampere, Ratina

Vuolteenkatu 1, use the street level entrance marked with the Aava logo. The testing service is located in the same building as our main premises, but it is accessed via Vuolteenkatu by the bus station. Please arrive at our site on foot. The nearest parking is at Suvantokatu. We ask that you do not park at the shopping centre. Please wait outside until you’re called in.


Joukahaisenkatu 1. You can attend the testing site by car, on foot or by bicycle. The testing is carried out in the car park of our Kupiittaa clinic. As you turn off Tykistönkatu on to Joukahaisenkatu, you will see a blue “AimoPark” sign roughly a block away. Turn right on to the ramp here. As you drive down the ramp, you will see sliding doors immediately on your right. This is where the testing is carried out. The door is closed and locked. We ask that you arrive promptly for your appointment to prevent a queue from forming here. We will open the door for you remotely, and our testing staff will be waiting to greet you behind the door to your right. Please display your ID at your car window. The nurse will test you by swabbing your nose. You do not need to exit your car for the test.

Vantaa, Aviapolis

Karhumäenkuja 2. If you’re arriving by car, follow the slip road around the building (Aviabulevardi II, Karhumäentie; Karhumäenkuja 2) into the car park closest to the airport and wait at the right hand side of the container. Please pull up next to the container for your test. A nurse will call you in from the right hand side door. If you’re arriving on foot, come to Aviabulevardi II, the car park closest to the airport and wait at the right hand side of the container until you’re called in.