Antti Viitala

General Practitioner

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Welcome to my practice! I have experience in treating a wide range of medical conditions, both acute and chronic. I always make an effort to consider each patient's unique life situation and treatment goals.

My services include performing minor procedures such as suturing wounds, removing skin moles, and administering knee and shoulder joint injections.

I don’t renew prescriptions for strong painkillers, sleeping pills, or sedatives when they have been prescribed by another doctor.

I write e.q. following certificates:

  • Driving license certificates
  • Driver's license certificates for individuals over 70 years old
  • Other medical certificates and statements (A, B, C, E, T, etc.)

Appointment reservation instructions

Appointment booking instructions for patients (also register here if you receive remotely)

  • I do not accept patients under the age of seven.
  • You can book also a remote appointment
  • For skin procedures and extended driving license certificate exams for individuals over 70 years old, or if you have multiple topics to discuss during your visit, please reserve a 40-minute time slot (2 x 20 minutes).
  • If you are taking multiple regular medications, please bring an up-to-date medication list to your appointment so that I can consider them in your treatment plan.