Marjo Voutilainen  työfysioterapeutti

Marjo Voutilainen

Occupational Physiotherapist

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As an occupational physiotherapist, I work as a member of the occupational health care team, and my goal is to find, together with the client, actions that promote health and prevent musculoskeletal symptoms related to work ability and the work environment. Customer work always aims to create a functional and natural interaction.

My areas of expertise:

  • ergonomics and planning of new premises
  • examining and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders
  • testing of physical condition and assessment of work ability, assessment of physical load
  • The Functional Movement (FMS) Screening
  • lectures: Work ergonomics remotely and/or in the office, Neck-back and dynamic posture, Appropriate amount of exercise
  • group guidance: Neck & upper limb and back, relaxation, gym training, well-being projects supervised with a multi-professional team
  • kinesio taping