Visa Sarparanta työterveyspsykologi, ilmailupsykologi EAAP

Visa Sarparanta

Occupational Health Psychologist

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Whether you are looking for answers, good questions, change or support in a difficult situation, I am willing to help you get there. My approach is result-focused and based on interaction and the client's needs.

I am a special clinical psychologist and an occupational psychologist by training. I work with individual clients, groups and work communities. I have previous experience working with clients who face for example:

  • challenging work and/or life situations
  • mental health problems
  • crisis
  • career difficulties
  • fatigue

I also consult for the Aava Aeromedical Centre (AeMC) in matters related to aviation psychology and have a thorough understanding of the aviation industry. I have flown as pilot in command both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

I am and accredited aviation psychologist and a member of the Finnish Aerospace Medical Association-