Entrepreneur’s occupational health care and well-being at work

The well-being of an entrepreneur is important both for himself/herself, but also for the entire business of his/her company. Our occupational health care serves the entrepreneur by caring about his/her well-being and performance. An entrepreneur is responsible for the operations, employees and financial status of his/her company, which means that his/her well-being affects the well-being of the entire work community and the productivity of the company.

An entrepreneur can arrange for himself/herself occupational health care and general practitioner level nursing as part of occupational health care.

Kela reimburses some of the costs of occupational health care

Kela reimburses an entrepreneur any necessary and reasonable costs caused by occupational health care. Of preventive occupational health care, Kela reimburses 60% to the company, and of nursing, 50%. The portion not reimbursed by Kela can be deducted from taxes.


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