Aava Medical Centre – Your health is our mission

Aava Medical Centre is a Finnish company with over 50 years of experience in promoting health and well-being. Our customers' well-being and health is the first priority of our mission, and we provide lifelong care. Our family-owned company employs more than 1,000 professionals. We develop our operations and the entire sector with care and consideration.

Aava Medical Centre in a nutshell

19 clinics

  • 6 in the metropolitan area
  • 5 in Central Uusimaa
  • 2 in Tampere
  • 2 in Turku
  • 2 in Oulu
  • 1 in Hämeenlinna
  • 1 in Kuopio

General practitioner services and medical specialist services

  • Over 40 medical specialities
  • Other health services

Occupational health care

  • We ensure the work ability of 100,000 employees

14 speciality clinics, e.g.

Aava's personnel

  • more than 500 employees
  • 800 professional workers

Since 1964 – a Finnish family-owned company

Aava's predecessor, the Helsinki Medical Centre, was founded in 1964. This family-owned company was established by Eila Aho, Matti Aro, Eero Vaheri and Juhani Aho, with the company name Aava adopted April 1 2012 reflecting the initials of its founders.

Now Aava has been passed on to the second generation. The Managing Director of the Finnish family-owned company is Raija Tapio and the company is fully owned by Aava Health Services Ltd. The Group also includes Pikkujätti, a medical centre for children and young people and Docrates Cancer Center.

We will take responsibility in the future

The company's family background and Finnishness are reflected not only in good service, but also in the values that guide its operations. We are proven to take good care of our customers: our customer satisfaction is top notch.

Our background as a family-owned company allows us to grow in a profitable and controlled manner, paying attention to the wishes of our customers and employees. It is important to us and many of our customers that, as a Finnish family-owned company, we pay all taxes in full in Finland.