When you are pregnant or thinking about it, you can find all the services related to pregnancy and monitoring flexibly and quickly at Aava. All of our gynaecologists have ultrasound equipment at their appointments, and, for example, early pregnancy ultrasound scans are always available without delay. In addition, most of our gynaecologists provide pregnancy-related services, from pregnancy follow-up visits to postpartum examinations.

Private maternity clinic and pregnancy clinic

Aava Pregnancy Clinic is a clinic for expecting families. Our main clinic is located at Aava Kamppi in Helsinki. You can choose Aava Pregnancy Clinic’s private maternity clinic to take care of your entire pregnancy or book a single appointment. The reason for coming to the Pregnancy Clinic may be the need for special monitoring due to the expectant mother’s age, illness, medication or pregnancy complication.

Book a remote appointment with a specialist through our online booking service. Our customer service team will also assist you in English and help you find a suitable specialist and time for the appointment. Call +358 010 380 3838.

Most of our physicians and other experts speak English. You can check this and other language skills on each expert’s profile page.