Maarit Lindström työterveyshuollon erikoislääkäri

Maarit Lindström

Specialist in Occupational Healthcare

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Welcome to my practice! I have worked in occupational health care for a long time, so I know the field very well.

  • I can distinguish the work resource factors as well as work-related health hazards.
  • I seek to encounter a person as a whole, understanding the meaning of work-life balance, and e.g. the demands of family life.
  • I recognize the effects of childhood's early stages, affection bonds and potential traumatization on health and adult relationships.
  • I can advise on rehabilitation and lifestyle changes, modifying work to support health, or how to act in case a health situation would call for a completely new career and taking into consideration the income.
  • I have a deep knowledge in Kela’s rehabilitation possibilities.

I am interested in movement as medicine, and strive to treat widespread diseases above all by supporting a healthy lifestyle. I also treat sports and repetitive strain injuries with pleasure.