Start exercising

You will receive basic knowledge and practical exercises that you can use to improve your fitness easily, anywhere.

Who the training is for

The coaching is intended for anyone who wants to start exercising in an enjoyable way or for those who want to master the basics of endurance, strength, and flexibility training.

Training objective

The goal is for participants to learn the basics of sensible and progressive training, explore different sports, and develop suitable exercise routines for themselves.

Starting the training

Once you have ordered and paid for the training, you will receive a link and a username to our training platform via email within 48 hours. The courses are easy to use on either a computer or a mobile device.

Training progression

The training begins with instructional and introductory materials, as well as the first week’s training materials. You will receive new materials for the next 12 weeks. New materials will be available weekly, starting from your registration date.

Each week, you will receive practical and immediately applicable tasks, as well as thought-provoking tips from our top professionals.

You will have the opportunity to reflect on your progress every 4 weeks and finally assess your success in achieving your goals.

Example week:

Week’s introduction and inspiration. 1-3 minutes. A brief introduction and thought-starter for the week’s training theme.
Information package and task. 5-15 minutes. A lecture accoring to the chosen theme, as well as a concrete task related to it.
Additional tasks and practices. 2-15 minutes. Additional tasks and practices that align and support the chosen theme.


Petteri Kilpinen, Head Coach

Anu Koskela, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

Antti Hagqvist, Physical Coach

Jarno Härkönen, Wellbeing Coach

Petri Halonen, Naprapate

Johanna Jaatinen, Occupational Health Physiotherapist

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Start exercising online coaching

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