Payment methods

Settings for open Aava account

At Aava Medical Centre, we accept debit or credit cards. You may also use the Aava account and an Aava gift voucher. Please notice that from March 22, 2021 onwards we will no longer accept cash as a payment method.

Aava account

The Aava account is an easy and flexible way to finance your medical care. Apply for the account at our clinic or in the comfort of your home. Open your account today and we will give you 12 months of interest-free payment time. The creditor is the Finnish branch of Resurs Bank AB. For more information

Aava gift voucher

Give your loved one a gift that won’t be the wrong size or colour! You can add Aava’s health and wellbeing services to a gift voucher. The voucher is valid for six months from the date of purchase. You can buy gift certificates at all Aava clinics. For more information contact 010 380 3838.