Coronavirus - tests and services

Please note, corona testing is currently crowded in the majority of the country due to the current corona virus situation. Response times for coronavirus PCR tests may therefore be longer than normal. Delays do not apply to coronavirus antigen testing. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Coronavirus test for an asymptomatic person

Do you need a corona test (PCR-test or antigentest) for a trip or an event, for example? Book an appointment for a corona test from our online appointment. No referral is required.

Book an appointment for coronavirus testing

If you are coming for a coronavirus antigen test or a normal PCR test at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, you do not need to make an appointment. Read more here.

Coronavirus test for a symptomatic person

If you suspect that you have contracted the coronavirus, the need for testing is primarily assessed during a Aava’s general practitioner's or occupational doctor's remote appointment.

They will then give you an electronic referral for testing. You can then easily book an appointment for the corona test from our online appointment.

Book an appointment for general practitioner

Book an appointment for coronavirus testing

All coronavirus services: