COVID rapid antigen test

Aava Medical Center offers rapid antigen testing (ArcDian mariPOC® COVID-19) at several clinics. The test can be taken separately or as part of a package that also includes a PCR test. The test shows whether the person is currently infected with the coronavirus.

Rapid antigen test (COVID) of an asymptomatic person

Do you need a covid test to travel or attend an event, for example? Book an appointment for a COVID-19 test through our online booking service. You don't need a referral. Please note that the COVID-19 test of an asymptomatic person is not reimbursable by Kela.

Negative covid test certificate

After your COVID-19 test result has been confirmed as negative, you will receive an SMS with a link to download the certificate. Alternatively, the certificate can be downloaded or printed from Aava’s digital service channel. The certificate is free of charge and in English.

The electronic COVID-19 test certificate includes:

  • the name and date of birth of the customer
  • a brief description of the test and the method of sampling
  • the test result and information on the clinic where the sample was taken
  • the name of the responsible person
  • information about the location where the test was carried out and
  • the passport number if the customer so wishes (the customer adds the number by her/himself).

If you do not have access to Aava’s digital service channel or do not wish or are not able to download the certificate yourself, you can request a certificate from your local clinic.

Please notice that there is no qr code in Aava's certificate.

Note, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the certificate contains all necessary information. If the information on the certificate is not sufficient for your needs, please contact your clinic to obtain the correct certificate. If you are flying, for example, make sure to check with your airline what kind of certificates it requires. Read more: Covid testing for air passengers

Rapid antigen test of a symptomatic person or persons exposed to the coronavirus

Common symptoms of the coronavirus include a cough, runny nose, fever, muscle pain, fatigue, nausea, headache and a loss of smell and taste. If you suspect that you have contracted the coronavirus, the need for testing is primarily determined by a remote appointment with an Aava general practitioner or your own occupational health physician. Once the doctor has conducted an interview and determined whether or not the examination is necessary, they will then give you an electronic referral for COVID-19 testing in a place that is convenient for you. After this, you can easily book an appointment for a COVID-19 test through our online booking service.

You must stay at home in quarantine-like conditions while waiting for the testing appointment and test results.

Appointments by phone

You can also book a COVID-19 test conveniently online at the clinic most suitable for you. Online booking requires strong identification, i.e. online banking credentials or Mobile ID. If the customer does not have these, the appointment can be booked through our customer service by calling 010 380 3838.

Where are antigen tests taken?

  • Aava Järvenpää
  • Aava Kamppi, Helsinki
  • Aava Tapiola, Espoo
  • Aava Hyvinkää
  • Aava Kerava
  • Aava Ratina, Tampere
  • Aava Turku Hansa
  • Aava Aviapolis, Vantaa

PCR test or rapid antigen test?

An antigen test is suitable when you have symptoms and the symptoms started less than a week ago. The test is most reliable during the first days of symptoms. It is not as sensitive as a PCR test but its advantage is speed. At best, the result will be ready in 30 minutes.

The referring doctor determines which test is most suitable in your situation. You do not have to ask for a specific COVID-19 test yourself.

If you are coming to the test as an asymptomatic customer, please find out in advance if you need a PCR test, antigen test or both.

Preparing and arriving for rapid antigen test

Once you have booked the test appointment, we will send you the preparation and arrival instructions by SMS and email.

General arrival instructions and the addresses of the sampling points and driving instructions are available here.

Please do not arrive too early or late in order to avoid queues at the testing point. Please remember to bring your ID with you.

For an antigen test, a sample is collected in the same way as for PCR, taking a swab sample from the nasopharynx. The sampling process might feel unpleasant, but it is over very quickly.

Results of the rapid antigen test

At best, the result of the antigen test will be ready in 30 minutes. The result will be available in Aava’s digital service channel.

If your result is positive, Aava’s specialist will contact you as agreed and you will receive home care instructions for the future. If you want a past infection to be shown on an official COVID-19 certificate or need a decision on isolation for an infectious disease allowance, you must also take a PCR test.

If your test result is negative but you need home care instructions or a plan for further treatment, agree on the contact method with the treating doctor.

A negative COVID-19 test result will also be sent to you as an SMS containing a link for downloading the certificate.

Price and payment of rapid antigen testing

Kela reimbursement for corona tests and vaccinations in private healthcare has ended on July 1, 2023. Please see the prices of corona tests here.

Please note that the remote or telephone appointment during which a doctor gives the test results and makes an assessment and a plan for further treatment are charged for separately. The invoice will be sent to the patient’s home address after the testing.